Child abuse prevention is a community effort

I know we all agree that children deserve a chance at a bright future. To achieve this, we must create a community that invests in their safety and well-being.

This month, Child Abuse Prevention Services is participating in Child Abuse Prevention Month, with the message that child abuse is preventable. Our agency is celebrating the month in a number of ways. The “blue kids” have been placed around town to make people aware of prevention efforts; schools and businesses are participating in blue outs by wearing blue clothing on designated days; and there is a rally on the north courthouse lawn on Friday, April 25. This event is from 12:15-12:45 p.m. and is a chance to support prevention efforts and hear how local citizens in our community are standing up for children.

By offering services that educate and support parents, Child Abuse Prevention Services helps ensure that children in Marshall County grow up safe, nurtured, and able to reach their full potential. But prevention efforts are truly a community effort. With everyone’s participation, we can become a community that reaches out to families before a crisis occurs.

To learn more about the work of our agency and how you can assist us in preventing child abuse, check out our website at and like us on Facebook.