Another side to immigration

While it was painful to read the misguided opinions of the letter printed on April 22, I do not believe that this viewpoint is representative of our community.

Because for every person who thinks that immigrants are “taking jobs,” there are many more who admire the demonstrated work ethic and dedication to family, and are grateful that our economy benefits from the additional taxes, spending power, and immigrant-owned businesses.

For every person who wonders why everybody doesn’t “just speak English,” there are many more who are helping someone learn English, who are learning another language themselves, or who would love to be bilingual, if learning a second language wasn’t so challenging.

For every person who fears the shift in our school’s demographics to a white minority, there are many more who want all students to succeed and who believe that a diverse environment is an advantage for all students.

For every person complaining about the occasional sign or flyer in a language other than English, there are many more staff and volunteers for organizations who have gone above and beyond to make sure all community members have the best opportunities to be safe, healthy and included.

For every person who guesses where people are from, or whether or not they are documented, based on the color of their skin, there are many more people who are reaching out to learn the personal stories, challenges, and cultural traditions of others.

I know that Marshalltown is far from perfect, but I also know that I am in the great company of so many people who love our community and are proud of how we work together to extend welcome to one another.