Letter writer isn’t racist, but ignorant

This letter is in response to Timothy Patrick’s letter, “Opening arms to immigrants has hurt Marshalltown.”

You say, “the facts are clear,” about low wages, low property value, an increase in crime and the need for medical assistance, but you have failed to understand why these changes have occurred in Marshalltown.

It is clear that you have not taken the time to truly understand our political system in the United States. Undocumented immigrants have not corrupted our town, but irresponsible citizens such as you have, by ignoring the fact that we need to push our politicians to demand legalization for these individuals. This would help fix that problem of “more medical care.” If immigrants were legal they would have access to insurance.

Low property values due to minorities moving into a neighborhood were created to generate discrimination in the U.S., and you are a perfect example of it! I’m not saying you’re racist, I’m saying you’re ignorant by overlooking who’s really to blame, uncaring by demanding ICE to come separate families, and incorrect by making the assumption that English is the “official” language in the United States.