Creative ideas perfect for fast-approaching summer

Schools have started counting backwards towards the summer break. That means it is high time for us to get equipped with creative ideas to beat the kind of words we do not want to hear like … what’s next, we are bored, etc.

I was living in denial that summer break is around the corner. However, a week of spring break was simply enough of a trailer for me to get started to prepare for the movie. I started thinking about the fun, creative and simple activities that kids can do outdoors while I can recover from the home invasion.

Molding and sculpting made it to the top of my list.

Molding using nontoxic Plaster of Paris is one of my daughter’s favorite craft. You can create perfect reproductions of any object within minutes using mold with this excellent medium for casting decorative figurines. Plastic shapes and packaging from toys make perfect molds. Painting and decorating the figurines is so much fun and it’s engaging. We used plastic masks as molds.

What you need

Non Toxic POP



Paint brush

Follow the instruction on POP pack and pour in molds. Paint and decorate when dry.

Sculpting using air-dry terra cotta clay is another fun filled activity to create 3-D decorations, figurines, jewelry etc. You can carve, use rubber stamps, textured materials, press beads, small stones or other decorative items directly into this clay. Paint with tempera, acrylic or watercolor when dry. The best part is its air dry and does not need kiln.

Other fun ideas are terracotta pot painting using stencils, sand art, rock painting, sidewalk painting, finger painting, blow painting etc. You can visit for information on these projects and for more DIY fun activities.

Wishing you all a very colorful and joyful Mother’s Day and summer break!