A Christian God

In a kindly manner, I would like to respond, to a letter from Ako-Abdul-Samad. Mr. Samad responded to Paul Tambrino’s article on “How have churches failed Christians?” Mr. Tambrino’s point was; Christians should rise up in defense of God; but instead we choose silence; hoping the issue will go away. It won’t, because evil exists in the actions of unbelieving people. Unbelievers do a much better job of spreading their disbelief than the Christians do in proclaiming the truth of God (Paul Tambrino). Because a fantasy sounds good, unbelievers think there’s truth in the statement. All this proves is, neither Muslims, nor Christians, know their religion. God has his faithful believers; Satan has his faithless unbelievers. Fantasies are believed by Christians and Muslims alike. In Genesis, God promises to send a Messiah to save the world – he doesn’t promise to send multiple Messiahs. Jesus proclaimed that no more signs would be forthcoming; he was the last heavenly sign given to unbelievers. Mohammad was a self-appointed Deity – he does not figure into God’s “salvation promise” to the world. Mohammad was born about 500 A.D. The God of Abraham and the god of Mohammad are more than just different. Christian faith is based upon the belief that Jesus, the Messiah, was born Jewish – God preordained Israel to receive the Messiah. Christianity is based upon accepting Jesus as the Messianic savior. Christians have freedom to choose, even rejecting the Savior who came to save them – free-will only exists in Christianity. You will not find that choice available in the Muslim faith – they are not free to choose. I will admit there are many Christians, and Muslims, who practice Faith, by Force – but God doesn’t give the power, or right, to any religion, to enslave those wishing to break free from religious control. God rules by peace and love – the Muslim faith rules by restraint and physical force. Those folks who say, “every God is the same,” uses that in an attempt to break down any resistance to stand up for God. Christians are called to respond to false ideas that come from this world. We are also called to tell the truth to unbelievers who want to hear it. Whether they accept it or not – is their choice. It is time for every Christian to know the truth of the Bible and stand up for what it represents – the only way to salvation.