Emotional ties to Mother Russia naive

Some citizens here support Putin claims that World War II gives them the right to demand the Ukraine as a state.

A few U.S. locals make the assumption that Putin responds to the inputs of citizens that think in terms of doing what’s right and good. Putin is a hard core KGB career Russian. He cares little about decency or moral platitudes. He believes in himself and the power that come to him. His ambition is to ultimately restore the former Soviet Russia to its geographic past. Putin has seen this possibility happening without firing a shot in anger at the Western Powers, because of their current weak leadership. Any emotional ties that “Mother Russia’s” patriotism deserves the Ukraine and other past territory is totally naive.

Putin’s motives are self-serving for only personal glory. He’s KGB, part of an organization that has assassinated thousands of dissidents.

Sorry “Dear Hearts and Gentle People” are not part of their recruitment song fest.