Disagrees with letter writer

This is in response to Symone Gomez’s opinion “Offended by anti-immigration letter.”

I am offended that a person cannot share his feelings about a very explosive subject without being called a racist. Legal immigration can be an asset to a country, however, illegal immigration brings with it many undesirable traits – traits that any law abiding person or place should not abide.

According to Miss Gomez, Mexicans come here to get away from the the poverty and harassment of cartels -why then do so many lined up at the post office to send money back to Mexico? Presently 60 percent of the students in Marshalltown High School are either documented or undocumented immigrants. They are being funded by the children of Marshalltown. They are not receiving the education they should because much of the budget is spent on teaching English to immigrants. If these immigrants are coming here to escape from poverty and harassment of the cartels they can enter the U.S. through normal immigration channels and apply for immigration legally. The criminals have not. They broken the law and for this we must give thanks to you and the immigrants – I think not.

Any monies they have paid into this country they have taken out tenfold. You looked up the crime rate in Marshalltown and you determined that the crime rate was not related to the immigrants. I suggest you look a little closer and a little longer at the statistics. Numbers are just that numbers. They can be manipulated and used as one see’s fit. In this case the numbers don’t show underlying causes – drugs, welfare and unemployment.

The immigrants may not be the one bringing down the economy but they are sure helping. There are 10.5 million Americans out of work, but their are in excess of 13 million undocumented immigrants here. You do the math. I think the silent majority should speak up while their is still time.