Fond memories of Henry Cahill

I don’t think we will ever see a 90-plus year old man enjoy golf more than Henry Cahill. I first met Henry about 15 years ago when I hooked up with about a dozen guys for golf. It was called a high dollar skin game that was really only for dimes, I think the rule than was if you were over 70 years of age you got a extra stroke on the par threes and par five holes. Henry died last week at age of 93 before he got to play any golf this year. When you played with Henry their was no such thing as slow play. I along with the others enjoyed playing with Henry he could always make you smile at something.

He would always tell you it was OK to hit the ball even when you knew it wasn’t OK and than he would say boy I’m glad I told you to wait so you wouldn’t hit those ladies.

Back when the tornado went through Belmond, Henry got caught in it. He told us he didn’t know how far it carried him but when the rescuers came around he heard them say here is another causality covered in mud. Henry startled the guy when he said he wasn’t dead he just couldn’t move.

Over 40 years ago he was officiating a high school football game and threw a penalty flag for a late hit on a player. One of the players complained and swore at him so he gave him another 15 yards. Then he notice a man by the team motioning him over. Before he got to the man he could hear him say how bad of a official he was and that he would never get another job to officiate at this school. He turned out to be the superintendent. Henry said, “well I’m the official that just cost your team another 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.” A couple months later he got a contract offer from the principal at that school – and a raise.

Henry often told me he enjoyed reading my letters to the editor and wondered why he wasn’t seeing any lately. Well I told him maybe there just wasn’t anything to write about. Well Henry you gave me something to write about now so this letter is on you. Just wish I would have sent it in sooner so you could have read it.