It’s time for truth

Once again, I listen to the news and hear politicians accuse those seeking to expose the truth be labeled as politically motivated. That’s easy to say, especially if you don’t want the truth exposed. Those who scream “politics” the loudest usually have the most to fear if it is actually uncovered.

The truth is the truth and it stands on its own. Unfortunately, however, it frequently must be uncovered when politicians or state officials try to spin it, twist it, or cover it up for their own purposes. That is politics and politicians at their worst.

The Iowa Senate Government Oversight Committee is extending its service to uncover the truth in what appears to be evidence of numerous examples in which state officials have sought to cover up the truth and keep secrets. Why not join ranks in pursuing it and bringing it into the light. That would be politics and politicians at their best.

Let them search for and find the actual truth regarding allegations and appearances of wrong-doing in our state government. Then, in November, use that truth to determine what is actually real and what is actually “politics” and let the chips fall where they may!