Learning expands through Project Share

A group of more than 80 area third through sixth graders showed off months of extracurricular work during the annual Project Share at Iowa Valley Continuing Education Thursday.

These students are what retired Marshalltown teacher Marcia Plett deemed “high ability” and their projects indicate that, she said.

“The projects are high quality,” Plett said.

Plett said the project topics are selected by the students and often spawn from a curiosity or interest the students have in a certain subject.

Lenihan Intermediate School fifth graders Avery Case and Jillian Lang made a model of the solar system by painting styrofoam balls to use as planets.

“We were both really interested in what’s out there (in outer space),” Case said.

Eli Thiessen and Cheyenne Mull, also Lenihan fifth graders, displayed a project on Kentem. Kentem are an imaginary small species which lives in trees, which came from an idea from Thiessen.

“I have a vast imagination and this was one of my greatest hits,” Thiessen said.

Mull said she spent two months making the model homes that the Kentem live in.

Plett said it’s important to keep high-level students reaching for more to expand their learning.

“We need to encourage them and help them challenge themselves,” Plett said.

Project Share continues with more than 80 different students from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday at IVCE.