Putin is not the enemy

As we the U.S. under Obama try to go to empire, the public press makes Putin the enemy!

Russia’s accession to NATO in 1997 making it the group of eight with the G6 and G7, Putin’s Victor Ivanov, director of the Russian Federal Drug Central Service (FDCS) announced on Nov. 29, 2013. In Minsk, Belarus at a meeting of the Collective Security Organization (CSTO) coordinating council of the heads of competent bodies on countering illegal drug trafficking, Ivanov said that the security of all Eurasia had been undermined by Afghan dope while NATO and the EU paid no attention. Russia made The “Planetary Drug Threat” issue during its G8 meeting.

The second Moscow meeting was dedicated to alternative development for drug producing regions using the UN approved term alternative development, meaning crop substitution programs like planting pomegranate instead of poppies and stopping banks from laundering drug money (has always been illegal but drives the illegal economy.)

Ivanov admitted that it would take a water system much like Roosevelt did with the Tennessee Valley water project to help U.S. rural America in the 1930s to bring electricity to rural America and a railroad like Abe Lincoln did for the continent.

This was all to be presented at the G8 meeting in Sochi, Russia on March 24 when Barack Obama or any of the other heads of government of the other G6 and G7 announced that they would boycott this year’s summit. While the heads of the G6 and G7 didn’t show at Sochi, it was a landmark event in that 100 experts from 27 countries, including all the (CSTO) members, all the BRICS Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran., Pakistan, Colombia, Ecuador and Finland.) Afghanistan itself sent a government delegation including three deputy ministers. With our own drug problem going up and over the top you’d think that we would be for Russia’s solutions.

I wish I could present how Obama and NATO have surrounded Russia and China over the many years.