Honoring our loved ones at the Marshalltown Public Library

Each year the Marshalltown Public Library receives donations from community members to honor their friends and families. The library’s book budget allows us to purchase a limited amount of the new books that are published each year, but the funds we receive from both the Friends of the Public Library and community members allow us to add many other titles that enhance our book collection.

Sometimes we are asked to purchase a book in honor of a Marshalltown resident’s service to the Assistance League or the Hawthorne Club among many other worthy organizations. The Library recently purchased a wonderful book on Wrigley Field by Ira Berkow. This book was a memorial to Pauline Hartman, a longtime Hawthorne Club member who passed away recently.

Marshalltown recently lost another longtime resident, George Hinshaw, and the Library has received a number of donations in his honor. George was a lifelong supporter of the Library and was a former President of the Library Board of Trustees. The Library has purchased more than 30 print titles and 20 eBooks with the money that was donated by family and friends.

Some of these titles include:

“Climbing and Skiing Colorado’s Mountains: 50 Select Ski Descents by Ben Conners,” is a guidebook to 50 of the most classic and iconic backcountry ski descents in Colorado. This book focuses on peaks of all elevations located in the state which will take the reader to some of the best backcounty skiing.

“College Sports Traditions: Picking Up Butch. Silent Night and Hundreds of Others” by Stan Beck tells the story of not only well know college traditions, but also obscure customs of smaller schools. This book details traditions such as University of Iowa’s “The Swarm,” University of Kansas’s “Waving the Wheat” and a list of traditions that involve streaking. From crazy to eccentric to the touching and meaningful, these traditions connect fans and athletes across the generations. This is an entertaining read for every sports fan.

“Wilson” by A. Scott Berg is a new personal and penetrating biography about our 28th President Woodrow Wilson. This book details his life as President of Princeton University, Governor of New Jersey and then being elected to the White House in 1913. He was an idealist determined to make the world “safe for democracy,” who suffered a crippling stroke, which was one of the 20th Century’s most closely held secrets.

Please remember the Library when you want to honor a friend or family member.

Sarah Rosenblum is the library director at the Marshalltown Public Library.