MPD seeking biggest toy in sandbox

The police department is interested in obtaining a refurbished war relic because it is cheap (to obtain) and “you never know when critical events are going to arise.” Apparently the tried and true expression “there no such thing as a free lunch” has not been considered. There will be expenses to operate, maintain and store the behemoth. Some of the objections to this acquisition are; it is bound to have really high fuel cost, probably will not meet any emission standards, at 22.5 tons it may be too heavy for local roads and bridges, shortage of parts and since it is ex-military the parts are most likely very expensive and scarce and there may not be any local mechanic trained in maintenance of such a beast. All of that for a “maybe-might.” Ask any mechanic or heavy equipment operator and they will tell you that equipment not used will deteriorate faster than equipment that is regularly used and maintained. We do not need a piece of machinery to gather rust and dust.

Perhaps the police department slush fund (seized assets) could be put to better use in areas that are more pressing. Some suggestions; support local organizations that combat domestic violence, provide more anti-drug use resources, or the biggie – actually spend some of that money to build the new building that the department is pushing and save the local taxpayers some money. The city, county, and school district have all announced increases in their respective tax levies, even if the assessed rate is down, you just know that our taxes are going up. It would be good to see some fiscal restraint on the part of the city council.

This letter is a plea to Chief Mike Tupper and the Marshalltown City Council to reconsider the full impact of the acquisition of the Caiman MTV. It appears as if this is just an opportunity to get the biggest boy toy in the sandbox and could easily become Tupper’s folly.