Why wait? Participate now

Election time is once again here and many of you find the excuse that you didn’t have time, or forgot or even didn’t know who to vote for. Well, folks those are awful excuses for a variety of reasons. Considering the state of our country maybe it is time for you to get involved directly by voting and not let someone else pick the candidate. Don’t you think?

Any weekday you can stop by the county courthouse or give them a phone call and obtain an absentee ballot. If you stop in to their office you can vote your primary ballot right then and there. So what is the excuse again? No time – hmmmmm seems like we’ve taken care of that excuse with the options given above.

Now about who to vote for. That’s takes a bit of time but not much really. If you like what is happening in our government these days just seek out the incumbent and mark your ballot. But put some thought into that one please … considering the mess we seem to have in front of us today.

The Primary Election this year is on June 3. From that vote you will chose who will represent your political party in the General Election on Nov. 4.

I would suggest that where possible you spend a few minutes on your search engine, Google or Bing or others and type in a candidate name and see what you can learn. Not just what he/she is telling you on that site but look deeper and see what this person has done in the past and what really do they stand for in their past business life? There are some extremely qualified candidates out there to review, believe me.

I have one recommendation for your consideration in the Iowa District 1 Congressional contest. Check out Rod Blum. I’ve known him and watched his campaign for almost 4 years and I’m convinced this man is one that will not forget the problems of Iowa when he reaches his desk in Washington DC I trust him 100% and hope you will give his qualifications and total background some serious study.