A ‘View’ without Walters after this week

NEW YORK – When Barbara Walters came on the scene, John Kennedy was in the White House, a motorist could fill ‘er up for three bucks and no one had heard of the Beatles.

On Friday, capping a spectacular half-century run she began as the so-called “Today” Girl, Walters says goodbye to ABC’s “The View.”

Behind the scenes she will remain as an executive producer of the New York-based talk show she created 17 years ago, and she’ll make ABC News appearances as events warrant and stories catch her eye.

“It’s not as if I’m walking into the sunset,” cautions Walters, who at 84 looks a decade or two younger as she nurses black coffee in her dressing room amid a tireless pace that, in the same breath, she insists will soon be coming to a halt: “I’m NOT going to be doing a five-day-a-week show, and I’m NOT going after every big ‘get.'”