Wyngarden presents Queen of the Great Lakes program

The Kiwanis Club of Marshalltown “Noon” held its weekly luncheon meeting Tuesday at the American Legion Hall, 1301 S. Sixth St.

President Linda Dodd Smith called the meeting to order.

Dorothy Rider introduced her daughter Pat Jordan as her guest. Four PM Kiwanis members were also present for the meeting.

Happy Dollars was donated by Deb Ewoldt, Pat Jordan and Linda Dodd Smith

Fred Wyngarden, a member of P.M. Kiwanis, was introduced to present a program about SS South American Queen of the Great Lakes. The Queen was a luxury passenger steamship was built in 1913 and last sailed the Great Lakes in 1967. The Queen was 314 feet long and 47 feet wide and could carry 300 passengers. In 1918 a $40 ticket would allow a passenger to travel the great lakes for one week on the Queen. Wyngarden was able to cruise two days on the ship in 1962 as a chaplin.

The first steamboat on the upper Great Lakes was the passenger carrying Walk-In-The-Water, built in 1818 to navigate Lake Erie. It was a success and more vessels like it followed. Steamboats on the lakes grew in size and number, and additional decks were built on the superstructure to allow more capacity.

The 410-foot Badger, which has been crossing Lake Michigan from Ludington to Wisconsin ports since 1953, is the last coal-fired, steam-powered commercial vessel on the Great Lakes. It is the largest car ferry ever to operate on the Great Lakes, with a capacity of 600 passengers and up to 180 vehicles, including semi-trucks, automobiles, tour buses, RVs, motorcycles and commercial trucks. Originally it also carried railroad freight cars.

Donations of $13 were collected for the Under Privileged Children’s Fund.

If a high traffic Marshalltown business would like to have a Kiwanis Gumball Machine placed in their place of business, call: 641-485-2087.

Anyone in the community wishing information about Kiwanis is invited to attend a regular Tuesday meeting or visit www.marshalltownkiwanis.org/