Dave Thompson for county supervisor

Four years ago I wrote an editorial in support of Dave Thompson and his campaign to serve as our Marshall County Supervisor. Back then I said, “I want a Supervisor who will handle my money with care and insight and I know that Dave will do that. Dave Thompson will stop this tax and spend mentality and change it into one of conserve and save.” I mentioned Dave’s ability to successfully run and grow the local True Value store with his wife, Kathy, as well as their son, Paul.

On June 3 there will be a Primary Election to elect two Republican County Supervisor candidates. I hope you will support Dave in this election.

Dave credits the great working relationship he has had with fellow supervisors Denny Grabenbauer and Deane Adams for being able to accomplish a more streamlined and productive county government while yet doing so in a financially responsible way.

Numbers do tell an impressive story about Marshall County’s financial picture. Dave predicts that if the current financial practice continues, our county will be debt free by 2018! I want Dave back in office to see if he and the other supervisors can make that happen with the help of our county employees.

Please join us in supporting Dave Thompson on June 3.