MCS appreciates community support

Marshalltown is growing and thriving, with many new and exciting projects. One of those new projects is the building plan of the Marshalltown Christian School. Opening its doors in a rented facility, MCS has grown and increased in size, and soon will realize its own building. With its own facility, increased visibility will allow more families to look at the non-denominational Christian school opportunity for their children; educational choices right here in Marshalltown.

The MCS groundbreaking ceremony was held recently, and many thanks to the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, KDAO, Times-Republican, The Dove 91.9, local church ministers, area businesses, students, staff, and supporters who attended and celebrated with us.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of the Marshalltown area citizens for helping to get this school building for the children closer to reality, and hope many others will join with us to raise the remaining funds to get it to completion.