Supporting Dandekar on June 3

Swati Dandekar believes in the importance of education, and hers has served her well as a member of the Linn-Mar school board, the Iowa legislature, state Senate, the Iowa Utilities Board and as president of the National Foundation for Women Legislators.

In Congress, she will focus on ensuring access to education for everyone, as the key to individual success, a more qualified workforce and better paying jobs.

That means universal pre-school education across the country, modeled after Iowa’s. It means making sure children are adequately nourished to learn, not breakfast for every child, but making the effort to determine which children need that help.

It means equal educational opportunities without regard to where you live. It means employing Internet and technologies available to give students who don’t live in a college town the same advanced placement courses as those who do. Through Internet access, students in smaller school districts can get the same quality and range of courses in sciences and the arts as students in larger districts.

For college students, it means low-cost student loans like the three percent loans available to their parents and grandparents in the 1960s. And, it means tuition forgiveness or discounts for medical students who elect to serve rural communities or in VA hospitals and clinics.

Swati’s experience and skills have prepared her well to represent Iowa in Congress and prepare Iowans for tomorrow’s jobs and opportunities. Vote for Swati Dandekar in the June 3 primary.