Kajtazovic is right for Marshall County, Congress

I am a proud, progressive Democrat. I believe that all Iowans should have access to quality and affordable health care. I believe that Social Security and Medicare are rights that we all pay in to and not just entitlements. I believe that the CEO of a company should not take home an income over 200 times that of its average worker, and in the implementation of a living wage where workers can live comfortably and support their families. I believe that we should increase our use of clean, renewable energies. I believe that big corporations and special interest groups shouldn’t have more of a say in politics than the voters. All of these positions made me look for a proud progressive candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the Iowa 1st district, and I have found that in Representative Anesa Kajtazovic.

Anesa will work hard in Congress for the middle class, just like she has in the Iowa House. She herself comes from a hard working, middle class family who fled war-torn Bosnia in the late 1990s. She and her parents worked multiple jobs to afford sending her to college, so she is familiar with the struggles families go through to give their children a better future. These experiences showed Anesa how important it is to treat Iowa’s workers with respect and to never give up fighting for their rights. She would also protect American and Iowan jobs by ending tax break for companies that ship jobs overseas, and work hard to create new sources of employment district-wide.

Anesa is the candidate you can trust when it comes to standing up for the common voter. As the only candidate in the race who I’ve noticed has made Marshall county a priority (she’s been at many different events and stops around the area countless times), she has worked hard to hear the ideas and concerns from our friends and neighbors from all different walks of life. I am 100 percent confident in Anesa’s ability to lead in Congress and listen to our voice, and not that of special interest groups.

If you want a Representative in Congress who will lead progressively and listen to all Iowans, vote Anesa Kajtazovic for the Democratic nomination on June 3rd.