Barbecue enthusiast carries love of the grill to the mountains

Lew Miller is well known here in Marshalltown – he’s cooked for Hy-Vee, participated in the farmers market, gotten involved with local charities, won cooking titles, and was the longtime owner of the Iowa Wholesale Supply.

Miller moved to Colorado to spend his retirement closer to family, but he hasn’t lost his drive for the barbecue.

While dining at Miller’s Grille, a Colorado restaurant that happens to share his last name, he did what he’s been doing ever since the move – handing out business cards.

The waitress passed Miller’s card over to owner, Rick Womack, who was of course interested in introducing his barbecues to the menu.

“Lew’s always fun, he’s constantly smiling, knows his barbecue, and is a great guy,” Womack said.

Miller has been working hard to put Miller’s Grille on the map.

“He’s upfront, helps tweak recipes to our customer’s liking, always comes prepared to work, and now, everybody knows about Miller’s Grille,” Womack said.

The duo has been slowly introducing barbecue into the menu and it’s been doing wonders so far.

“Their stock is skyrocketing and business is booming,” Miller said.

Miller also teaches a class on barbecue at Miller’s Grille.

“A full class is three to four hours long but it’s worth the time spent,” he said. “I teach about various smokers, grills, spices, fuels and much more.”