Impressed with local youth

I am writing this letter because many people feel our teens are discourteous and unhelpful. On Thursday I was working at the farmers market, and at the completion, my friend and I needed help getting our tent down and things put away. There were two young MHS students sitting on a bench at the courthouse. It was obvious that we, as two senior citizen women, were going to have a lot of trouble getting our tent down, put away in its bag and loaded. It was large, awkward and heavy.

These two young MHS boys came over, readily helped us, did most of the work and got the tent down and loaded. They were helpful, followed directions and were very respectful. We so appreciated their help. It just proves what I have always believed – our young people, our next generation of young men are going to prove to grow up as fine young citizens of Marshalltown who are respectful, courteous and helpful. We forgot to get their names, but they know who they are – and thank you again, for helping and for proving me right about teens today!