Businesses are data mining, soliciting

Is anyone else annoyed by the underhanded data mining and soliciting that local businesses are doing?

Earlier I had an experience with two local banks selling my phone number to telemarketers, trying to interest me in a credit card. After six annoying calls, I tried contacting the bank executive whose business phone number was not available to customers. The clerk was willing to call his number for me, and allow me to talk to him from the local office. Instead, I sent a registered letter with a piece of my mind.

Recently, I made a cash purchase at a local chain store. The clerk requested my phone number, asked if I wanted my receipt sent to my email address, and then had the gall to ask if I wanted to contribute to their charity. I feel bad for the employees whom no doubt, take flack for these unscrupulous businesses.

At another chain store, I returned with my receipt because it did not reflect my discount. I learned if you don’t have, or do not want to share your email address, you are not eligible for the discount. Fortunately, I had not opened my purchase and returned it. They lost my business too.

Have you ever been hounded to get a rewards card? After listening to their sales pitch, I learned it’s only good if they can acquire your cell phone number and email address.

And then there’s the non-profit store that sells what is given to them freely. They pay minimum wage, they rake in millions, and they too, are soliciting for their so-called charities.

I encourage everyone to speak out and put an end to these data mining practices and solicitations that have become so commonplace in Marshalltown and the state. The Depression of 2008 and now NSA are still very fresh in my mind.