57 million and counting

Fifty-seven million is a large number whether you are talking about money, miles or minutes. Even more depressing is trying to conceive the raw magnitude of the number of deaths that unborn children have endured. The number of deaths is one thing, but very much more important is to understand the raw pain that accompanied those deaths. How difficult is it to understand pain when someone drills a hole in the side of one’s head and then proceeds to suck out the brains of that individual? That is what has been happening – 57 million times -over the last few years! Yet, nobody hears screaming, which would surely come. Of course not! These tiny boys and girls are still in the birth canal and have not yet taken their first breath!

Another problem that we have is how to handle the situation of completing the death of someone who has been ordered to the death chamber. Many methods have been tried but it is always feared that each method will induce to much pain on that person. Pain on that person who has inflicted vast amounts of pain by bringing death or severe injury to one or more persons and psychological pain to many people who love that person.

Now, you know where this conversation is going! On one hand we attack the defenseless little baby who cannot defend nor offer argument for their own protection against the most excruciating pain ever imagined. On the other hand, we take giant steps to insure that pain for the criminal is minimized as much as possible.