Daily Record, June 18, 2014

Man throws fiance against staircase railing

A woman was sent to the hospital after her fiance allegedly assaulted her and left her unconscious.

Quentin Pendleton, 30, of Marshalltown, was arrested Sunday, for the alleged incident after an argument between the two.

According to police, several witnesses said they heard the two arguing then saw Pendleton punch the victim several times, throw her against staircase railing and punch her until she was unconscious.

The victim had swelling on her face and facial injuries. She was sent to the emergency room by an ambulance, police said.

Pendleton is charged with serious domestic assault.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

May 30

Guzman Apt. LLC to JBI Cooperative Association, 1-3 E. Lincoln St.

Dorothy F. Kralik to Refugio Gonzalez, 1708 S. Sixth St.

Narasimha M. and Kristina Palagummi to Chad T. and Michele L. Gauthier, 2375K 186th St.

Eric Edler and Patricia H. McCarthy-Edler to John and Madonna A. McCarthy, 2142 Binford Ave., State Center

Richard R. and Ann L. Hauser to Thomas W. Switzer, 210 Main St., Liscomb

Todd R. and Louise E. Shields to Louise E. Shields Living Trust, Louise E. and Todd R. Shields Trustees, 912 Prairie Lane

June 2

James L. and Dianne M. Goodman to Kenneth J. and Betsy J. Buck, 1506 Brentwood Terrace

Melanie Kay Angell to Chad Angell, 1325 Iowa Ave. West

Rachel E. and Jeffrey Lamb to Jacob A. Barker, 309 N. Seventh St.

Timothy J. Holmgren and Janelle A. Thomas to Michael A. and Raelene A. Sommerlot, 3503 Merritt Road

Myrna A. Christoffer to Christopher A. Bounmy, 519 N. Center St.

June 3

HF38 to Maria Leticia Castillo-Yepez, 410 N. 11th Ave.

June 4

Eric Quam to Mary Ann Quam, 407 N. First St.

Roger K. and Melanie A. Hatch on contract to Terissa Perez, 609 W. Church St.

Roger K. and Melanie A. Hatch on contract to Matthew Wilder, 104 1/2 W. Webster St.

Barry and Renee Sedlacek on contract to Kelsey Knox, 1408 S. First St.

Tabitha L. Eisenbeis NKA Tabitha L. Marrero and Joseph Marrero to John J. Fox and Amanda L. Koger, 411 and 415 N. 11th Ave.

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Wells Fargo Bank against Joseph and Jamie Santiago, 101 Third Ave., Haverhill

June 5

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 101 Third Ave., Haverhill

Dicks Concrete Works Inc. to William T. and Angela K. Wilson, 1304 Jackson St.

The Sheriff of Marshall County to First Merit Bank against Antonio J. Giannetto and Brandise Jansen, 202 N. 12th St.

First Merit Bank to Federal National Mortgage Association, 202 N. 12th St.

Robert Brekke to Sean M. Cruzan, 304 W. Southridge Road

Cari J. Bowers to Shane M. Andrews, 103 W. Dawn St., Le Grand

Shane M. Andrews to David L. Veld and Faith A. Brown, 401 Crestview Drive, Le Grand

June 6

Joseph F. Hanchak Jr. and Carolyn S T Hanchak to James A. and Julie J. Brooks, 2351 Oak Park Road

Jay P. and Sue L. Merryman to Joel and Amanda Thill, 2207 Marshalltown Blvd.

Jeffrey Alan Bunn to Lora Marie Bunn, 406 E. Main St., State Center

Emily I. and Adam J. Hoop to Paul C. and Tonja A. Brott, 504 Springfield Drive

Kevin R. and Lynnette E. Madison to Patricio Teofilo, Antonio Teofilo, Antonio Patricio Apolinar-Garcia, Isidra Garcia and Isidra Apolinar, 607 W. Linn St.

Janine M. Hammes-Smith to Brian K. Parker, 306 Orchard Drive

Debra J. Oetker and John J. Oetker AKA John J. Oetker Sr. to John J. Oetker AKA John J. Oetker Jr. 519 Bromley St.

Trademark Properties LLC to Adam Senn Bauder and Katharine Nicole Bauder, 205 Grandview Drive, Le Grand

Michael L. and Marie D. McDermit to Lana L. and Esther M. Norlin, 501 Orchard Drive

The Estate of Rosalie I. Bailey to Jose T. Ibarra Vazquez, 807 S. 12th St.

Jose Burgos and Kari Lovelace to James W. Rook, 308 Third St. SW, State Center

Jean C. Ottilie to Brian J. Cox and Marci Anderson Cox, 1600 W. Lincoln Way

Fannie Mae AKA Federal National Mortgage Association to Glenn DauSchmidt, 312 W. Church St.


Darci Kolbe to Brent Olson

Jeffrey Curtis Sr. to Robin Heinzer

Christopher Drury to Skyler Smith

Nicholas Reilly to Angela Haugen

Megan Smiley to Daniel Mathews

Stevie Samora to Jeremy Lavender

Hillary Davies to Jarrod Clevenger

Heath Smith to Jessica Beatty

Luis Alvizo Puga to Irene Ramirez

Sandra Cruz Garcia to Luis Reinoza Garcia

Grundy County Sheriff’s Office


On Friday, Michael Graham, age 35, of Grundy Center, was arrested on a Jasper County warrant charging him with probation violation. He has been released to Jasper County authorities.

On Thursday, Jonathan Nemmers, age 24, of Jesup, was arrested by Black Hawk County authorities on a Grundy County warrant charging him with probation violation. While in jail, Nemmers was charged with theft-fifth degree. He is being held in lieu of bond.

On June 9, Manuel Campos, age 39, of Grundy Center, was arrested in Grundy Center and charged with operating while intoxicated-first offense. He posted bond and was released.

On June 6, Kimberly Beenken, age 44, of Morrison, was arrested in Morrison and charged with simple assault. She has been released on her promise to appear.


On Saturday, a vehicle driven by Donna Cunningham, age 53, of Parkersburg, was westbound on Highway 57 east of T-55 when it struck a deer that entered the roadway. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Cunningham vehicle was estimated at $4,500.

On Friday, a car driven by Kathie Dew, age 56, of Grundy Center, was southbound on M Avenue north of Grundy Center when it struck a deer that entered the traveled portion of the roadway. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Dew car was estimated at $4,000.

On June 9, a vehicle driven by Timothy Miller, age 30, of Holmesville, Ohio, was westbound on Highway 20 when it struck a deer in the roadway. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Miller vehicle was estimated at $6,000.