School district offices on the move

Lisa Koester calls this week both exciting and cleansing as the Marshalltown Community School District administration office moves into its new home.

The office is moving from its former home on Columbus Drive to new digs at the site of the former Anson Middle School at 1002 S. Third Ave.

Included in the move are the offices of the superintendent and other school district leaders like Koester, the director of human resources.

“We’re really looking forward to a brighter environment,” Koester said. “Now we have usable conference rooms, usable office space and it’s much more business like. Our customers will find our offices more friendly and welcoming.”

The renovated facility will also have a much bigger and nicer board room.

“It will definitely be more convenient for the public to access,” Koester said.

The old district office building, which is a former convent building, was not handicap accessible and is showing its age in many ways.

“The board room was a former chapel with a confessional,” Koester said.

The renovation work was done this past year by Garling Construction of Belle Plaine for $3 million. Garling also did an elevator and entrance project at the site for more than $1 million prior to the office renovation.

Rick Simpson, director of buildings and grounds with the district, expects them to be up and running close to normal operations by Monday at the new district office in the Support Services building.

He said there’s a lot that goes into the move when dealing with approximately 30 staff members and their things.

“It’s a grander scale than a personal move,” Simpson said.

Simpson said those looking to visit the district office after it’s open should use the south doors that face Anson Elementary School.

The district expects to demolish the 317 Columbus Drive building in the future to create more parking in the Lenihan Intermediate School area.