Man allegedly killed roommate’s cat, threatened her with knife

Police are looking for a Marshalltown man who allegedly threatened his roommate with a knife and killed her cat.

A warrant was issued for Phillip T. Davis, 23, Sunday, after the alleged incident took place in an apartment on the 100 block of North First Street on Friday.

Capt. Brian Batterson, of the Marshalltown Police Department, said after Davis overheard his roommate talking on the phone about how she wanted him to move out he took a knife and threatened to kill her, her boyfriend and her cat.

The victim left because she was concerned for her safety, Batterson said.

She sought a no-contact order at the courthouse and stayed out of the apartment until the no-contact order was served.

When the victim returned to her apartment on Sunday she discovered her cat was dead on the floor. She also found numerous holes in the walls.

A veterinarian determined the cat died of unnatural causes, Batterson said.

Davis faces charges of aggravated assault, violation of a no-contact order, criminal mischief and animal abuse.