A puppy is the biggest dog on the block

She’s a big pup.

Michelle McCord is the owner of Tiana, a 5-month-old, 73 pound, apricot colored, English Mastiff.

“She thinks she’s smaller than what she is,” McCord said. “She likes to sit on your lap and she’ll step on your feet or sit on them. She thinks she’s a lap dog.”

Tiana is expected to be 200 pounds.

“I’m a big dog person,” McCord said. “Everybody stops you and asks what kind of dog you have, she definitely draws your attention, even when she’s in the backyard and people go down the alley and see her. They’re not an everyday dog and that’s what I like.”

For such a large puppy, she acts like a cat, McCord said.

“She’s just a big clod,” McCord said. “She’s clumsy, she trips over herself, she pounces on her toys like a cat. She’s very laid-back, yet energetic and playful.”

She’s also slobbery, McCord said.

“She drools,” McCord said. “She drools when she drinks, she drools when she eats, when she plays, when she gets excited, then she’ll come back and drool all over again.”

McCord said she makes sure to have a towel on hand.

Despite the drool, she’s a great family dog, McCord said.

“She gets along great with my 5-year-old son,” McCord said. “She’s very gentle.”

Sometimes McCord brings Tiana to her business, Kanine Kips Grooming and Spa, 18 N. Center St. Tiana gets along well with other dogs.

McCord said she wanted an English Mastiff for 20 years.

“They’re not a common breed,” McCord said. “You have to pay for the uniqueness of them.”

McCord got Tiana from a breeder in Northern Iowa.