From hotel stays to cookie capers

It’s about time I piece together some of my random thoughts on paper, mostly because I want to get them out of my head and move on.

– This month at my house it has been the Potter Hotel. We’ve had the grandparents, uncle and a cousin come to stay on different occasions. If they are old enough, we also put them to work. We’ve had a bedroom painted, a tree trimmed and a vacuum cleaner fixed by our guests. We don’t even put a mint on their pillow, but wake up calls are free (and come from a toddler). And here is our motto “Welcome to the Potter Hotel, where you have to earn your keep.” The good news is with a fully-functional vacuum cleaner we can now clean the place up better for our next customers/guests.

– When you buy discount fat free refried beans like I did recently, you are going to pay for it on one end or the other. I paid for it on the other end.

– I had a very interesting tour at the JBS meat packing plant last week. I have the utmost respect for what those workers do – especially the ones who have to cut out 40 pounds of pig entrails without puncturing any organ – those specialty workers are built like linebackers.

– It was probably the best night for the Rose Queen coronation in several years – which drew a nice crowd to State Center last Friday. That festival was due for some good weather as I’m still drying out clothes from past festivals.

– Speaking of festivals, is anybody looking forward to the Gladbrook Corn Carnival parade Friday night? I bet local grocery and convenience stores in Gladbrook are already stocking up on beer for it.

– Note to my wife: Our 2-year-old son can easily reach fresh-baked cookies on our counter. He helped himself to a second helping of a cookie Sunday without permission – a pretty good-sized one too. He snuck away and ate it in all of its fresh-baked glory in another room. He came back into the room we were in with crumbs on his lips (evidence) and a big “cat who ate the canary” smile. What a sneak. Hopefully he outgrows his thievery ways soon – but I’m afraid that sweet tooth is here to stay.

Reporter Andrew Potter is a Tuesday columnist for the Times-Republican. The views expressed in this column are personal views of the writer and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the T-R. Contact Andrew Potter at 641-753-6611 or