Reform should start with politicians

Evelyn Jenness


I was shocked when I saw the heading June 18 “State to reform Eldora schooling.” I worked at the State Training School, Eldora twice, and they had a good school. The first thing I learned there was what good parents I had.

I was parole secretary in the 1940s. They had a riot while I was there. I felt Eldora was a “dumping grounds” for the courts. We had an office boy who had a short history. Several years later he came to see me and was a registered pharmacist.

I returned there in 1970. Ron Christensen was head of the school. My cousin, Ed Bernard, was the driver’s ed teacher. A dear friend was school secretary. They had a very good school and caring teachers when I retired in 1988.

Perhaps the reforming needs to be changing our politicians. We need to “clean house” starting with the top.