Marshalltown Rotary Club installs new president

After fine dining at Elmwood Country Club, the Marshalltown Rotary Club began its June 24 meeting by saluting Arlene Selby for a year of elegant mood music. John Fink led with prayer and Pledge of Allegiance and Joel Greer encouraged his fellow Rotarians to step up to the plate and contact him with sponsorship dollars for Team Rotary in the upcoming American Cancer Society relay event. Kay Beach will be ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal church on July 5 and she invited all to share in this special event.

Bonnie Lowry announced that starting July 11, the Friday Rotary meetings will be held at the Iowa River Brewery from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Rotarians are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to make-up a meeting or simply gather for more social time. After a news report by Abigail Hillers, President Jeff Vance recognized the board members who served during the last year. Aiddy Phomvisay and Carol Burt were thanked for their work with New Generation leaders while Dennis Drager and Greg Brown were recognized for their tireless work and travel related to the Sudan fresh water project.

Lowry and Robin Lilianthal organized a number of new member events, Sergeant of Arms Mark Osmundson and John Fink helped in technical matters throughout the year and Lowry acted as program chair. Mike Schlesinger and Nancy Steveson combined to ensure the club remained informed and blessed. Scott Neff, Carrie Barr, Sue Martin and Curt Hoff were thanked for their contributions to a busy year. Vance sounded convincing when he said he didn’t think he would have made it through the year without the assistance of Treasurer Roger Grotoluschen and Secretary Kathy Baker.

“Rotary did a lot of good for a lot of people this year thanks to this club’s membership,” said Vance before detailing some of these efforts. Vance ended his term as President by reading “What it Means to be a Rotarian” written by honorary member Jim McKinstry when he was in his 40th Rotary year. He then passed the gavel to Lowry who honored Vance with a plaque, pin and badge to a standing ovation.

“When we say yes in Rotary, we know that it entails the responsibility of leadership and integrity,” said Lowry before thanking Vance, all past-presidents and those in positions of leadership. She then announced the leadership slate for the upcoming year before showing a presentation by Rotarian Doctor John Canady from the University of Iowa.

The theme of his video presentation crystalized why we are Rotarians and what we are about. This theme ties in nicely with a new committee that Jodi Faustlin has agreed to head up. The new Service Above Self committee will attempt to organize one meaningful service project each quarter.

Lowry then led in recitation of the Rotary four-way test which ends with asking “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?