Spinning Wheel Chapter celebrates Flag Day

The Spinning Wheel Chapter of the DAR met June 14, at the Fisher Community Center to celebrate Flag Day. The opening prayer was given by Regent Janice Juchems. Three guests were introduced: Joyce Ring, Deidre Moss and Vickie Hanson. The Pledge of Allegiance and Americans Creed were led by Regent Juchems.

The President General’s Message was given by Vice Regent Barbara Wacha. President General Lynn F. Young spoke of the 123rd Continental Congress to be held in Washington, D.C. in July. She also reminded everyone to celebrate Flag Day.

Hanson played a patriotic CD, copies of which will be sent in the boxes of fudge she sends to our troops all over the world.

Pauline Borton gave the Indian Minute. She continued her talk about the Indians of the Northwest, including the Chinooks that live in the Cascade Mountains.

Regent Juchems spoke of being honored to be the chapter Regent for two years. She thanked everyone for their help.

Registrar Marlys Ankrum reported Debbie Knapp’s application has been approved. She also reported that Janice Rowe has moved to South Dakota.

CAR members Michelle Ankrum, President of the Deborah Sampson chapter told of her chapter members going to Taylor #4 school. Julie Lang led the members in a school day reenactment. The Deborah Sampson chapter entered four state contests and won first place in all four. Regent Juchems thanked Michelle for her help during the last year.

Officers for 2014-16 were installed by Marlys Ankrum. Regent, Wacha; Vice Regent, Susan Lawyer; with Juchems and Shirley Price to serve on the Advisory Board. Regent Juchems presented Wacha with the Regents pin.

Juchems and Wacha gave the program about the American Flag. They read an essay written in 1977 by Dr. Robert Schuler. Juchems then gave flag pins to everyone.

The attendance surprise, a patriotic table runner, was won by Ellen Hazen. The next meeting will be Sept. 26 at Fisher Community Center.