Noon Kiwanis told of Salvation Army’s positive attitudes focus

At the June 24th Marshalltown “Noon” Kiwanis Club President Linda Dodd Smith called the meeting to order at the American Legion and introduced the club’s news and weather man Gene Neven. Those present stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence was observed in the passing of club member Dorothy Rider.

In club business it was noted that on June 21, Harold Cline headed up a crew including Deborah Ewoldt, Mike Gowdy and Dodd Smith and her husband PM Kiwanis member Steve Smith for the “Cycling for YSS” bike ride benefiting Youth and Shelter Services. Neven delivered Meals on Wheels at 11 a.m. that day to participants on the north side Red Route. Ewoldt reported that the Bobcats Aktion Club is holding a fundraiser at Pizza Ranch this coming Monday.

Dick Thorson collected members’ coins and change for the weekly Underprivileged Children’s Fund. Happy dollars were given by Dodd Smith and Ewoldt for Saturday’s pancake breakfast and Ewoldt included a $20 tip she was given. Thorson gave a happy birthday dollar and was serenaded by the members with “Happy Birthday.” Members also gave happy dollars and their memories of Rider with a $22 contribution in recognition of her 22 year membership.

Major Ben Stillwell of the Salvation Army said he wanted to start off by telling the members that his wife Major Beth Stillwell is a Kiwanian with the Marshalltown-Matins club and the couple has been in Marshalltown for a year this month. Stillwell then gave his program on the Positive Attitudes for Life Camp going on this summer.

There are three two-week camps with 15 youth in each. The first camp has ended and the second one was in session at the Grimes Farm that day. The Salvation Army is working with youth probation services to intervene as early as possible in the cycle of abuse, neglect and drugs that young people encounter. There is a need for structure and the ability to react in ways other than in anger and the Salvation Army strives to provide guidance for youth in activities that engage the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of humanity.

Stillwell observed that the Salvation Army is exploring revenue streams and partnerships in order to raise the monies and resources needed to put these programs on and hopefully expand the reach beyond a certain season. For example, the Positive Attitudes for Life summer camp is able to handle 45 youth, but there are almost as many on the waiting list and the cost is approximately $200 per camper. The Salvation Army also serves lunch to the needy and today 87-plus individuals went through the line before the major left for the Kiwanis meeting. Recipients who can are asked to pay a portion of the costs, but many are below the poverty line.

Ewoldt, chair of the Youth Services and Service Leadership Programs committee, presented a club check to Major Stillwell to assist the camp monetarily. Stillwell was thanked for his and the Salvation Army’s efforts and given a Kiwanis keychain/flashlight as a reminder to shine a light for others to see.

Dodd Smith offered a Vince Lombardi quote “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their field of endeavor.” Stillwell closed the meeting with a blessing for Rider and the club. Check out the Marshalltown Kiwanis Club at; like them on Facebook; follow them on Twitter.