Roundhouse roof replacement under way

There’s no fear of heights here as workers on the Marshalltown High School Roundhouse renovation work on replacing the roof at the facility this week. Workers could be seen atop the roof tearing out materials.

Rick Simpson, director of buildings and grounds with the district, said workers are tearing out and replacing the insulation and will also work on replacing the deck of roof in the near future.

“They will try to get the building weatherproof again for the remodeling inside,” Simpson said.

Speaking of weather, the recent downpour may have slowed up the project but it didn’t damage any work that was already done.

“The site is pretty clean, it’s been able to take the water,” Simpson said.

Full remodeling of the $8 million phase one will not be done by the start of school, but a priority is getting the locker rooms completed for the use of fall sports athletes, Simpson said.

The winged addition at the site continues to progress and it’s expected to be completed in September, Simpson said.

Since school has been out for a month, Dean Snyder Construction has been heavily involved with interior work that is not seen by the public.

“The contractor has expanded staff of all construction including the exterior addition and the interior work,” Simpson said