District Kiwanis leader visits Marshalltown

Kiwanis members welcomed their district governor from Omaha Tuesday over lunch.

Andy Bradley, governor for the Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis District, made a stop in Marshalltown to speak to members of the “Noon” Kiwanis Club at the American Legion.

Bradley spoke to the group about different goals and statistics of Kiwanis Clubs in Iowa and Nebraska.

He highlighted Marshalltown’s involvement with the Aktion Club, a club with members from various organizations that supports individuals with disabilities and other community programs.

“There’s pockets around Nebraska and Iowa where the Aktion Club is very strong,” Bradley said. “With what they’ve done here to support people with disabilities is remarkable. It’s one of their strengths.”

Marshalltown has three Kiwanis groups including the Kiwanis Club of Marshalltown, the Kiwanis Club of Marshalltown-Matins and the Kiwanis Club of Marshalltown P.M.