Caboose cornerstone of town’s Mega-10 Park

It’s rare to find an homage to railroad history in a city park, but that’s just what Marshalltown’s Mega-10 Park can boast.

A 1960 Chicago & North Western caboose has been displayed at the Sixth Street Park since 1996. It was donated to the city by the Union Pacific Railroad, with help from retired rail workers in the area who gave the caboose a new paint job.

Former Mayor Stan Brown was credited for starting the process and continuing to see it through after he was mayor.

“Stan Brown really deserves all the credit for getting the caboose,” retired rail worker Vaughn Ward told the Times-Republican in 1996. “He started the process when he was mayor and he’s been talking to them on and on for several years and finally Union Pacific gave Marshalltown the caboose.”

Retired railroad worker Merrill Price was not living in Marshalltown at the time the caboose arrived, but he does appreciate it being on display in town.

“I think it’s pretty nice,” Price said.

Other possible sites for the caboose when it first arrived were by Taylor’s Maid Rite or by Stone’s Restaurant.

The train is locked but visitors can climb onto it (with adult supervision) and take a peek inside to see the conditions of the people who rode the rails.