Local man faces 30 years in prison

A Marshalltown man who held a gun up to an 88-year-old woman and stole her purse at Marshall Town Center last fall was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Andrew Ramirez, 23, was sentenced to the 30 consecutive years in prison for first-degree robbery and going armed with intent at his hearing Monday.

Judge James Ellefson said prison is mandatory for Ramirez because of the nature of the offense, the victim’s age and a weapon was used in the crime.

First-degree robbery is a Class B and forcible felony. He was ordered the maximum 25 years for this crime.

Going armed with intent is a Class D felony and Ramirez will serve an additional five years for this crime.

Ramirez and his attorney asked the judge if he can serve the prison time concurrently; he said he wants to be a good father and did not believe he deserves that lenghty of a sentence.

Ellefson denied his request.

Ramirez also was ordered to pay a $139.09 victim restitution fine.

Bail is not available for a forcible felony.

Ramirez must serve 70 percent or 18 years of his jail time until he is eligible for parole.