Ernst right choice for Senate

Well, election time is upon us once again and as usual the half-truths and out and out fabrications of facts is starting with vengeance. The “Tell the Voter what They Want to Hear” is running rampant and contains no real solutions to our problems. It’s mostly empty promises that make great sound bites but have no substance.

I would like to offer my opinion and support for Joni Ernst for the U.S. Senate seat representing Iowa. I have know Joni and watched her leadership abilities for the past few years and firmly believe that she is the senator I know will do Iowa proud in helping to straighten out the aimless wonderings of the U.S. Senate we have been experienced these past years.

In my opinion, Bruce Braley’s Washington politics have gone way too far. His support for Obamacare and his ignorance of issues that are important to Iowans are threatening the future of our state. As the November election approaches the evidence against him keeps piling up. Not only has Bruce Braley offended Iowa’s women and farming community but now he’s considered the second most liberal senate candidate in the country.

Fortunately, Joni Ernst provides a counter to Bruce Braley’s Washington liberal ways. As a state senator Joni worked to pass the largest tax cut in state history and she’s helped the Iowa economy rebound after the economic crisis. Even though she faced one of the toughest Republican Senate primaries in the country this year she managed to unite Iowa and overwhelmingly won the nomination. Joni Ernst has proven time and time again that she represent Iowans better than any other candidate whether that be here in the Iowa Senate or tomorrow in Washington.

Please take the time to study the issues and really listen to the candidates and the solutions they propose. If you do this I am confident that you will be voting for Joni Ernst this November to join Sen. Chuck Grassley in helping to lead this great county back to being a representative government “Of the People, By the People and For the People.”