Support cancer center

Iowa River Hospice is pleased to support the MMSC in their effort to secure the Certificate of Need for a cancer center in Marshalltown. If approved the cancer center would provide much needed care and support of area residents affected by cancer.

Cancer affects so many in our community. It is rare that a family hasn’t been touched in some way by one form or another of the disease. Having the ability to receive much needed help, support, treatment locally is a gift of immeasurable consequence.

As you can imagine many of the patients and families we are honored to have served over the past 31 years have had challenging health journeys often involving multiple courses of treatments in a variety of locations. The difficulty of the disease is compounded by having to travel many miles away for treatment. These trips often involve the need for overnight stays away from the comfort of home and the support of family and friends. It is a most unwelcome added expense as well.

Our own local cancer center would be a wonderful addition to our medical community. The opportunity for additional care at such a sophisticated, professional level would surely improve the lives of many in our community and the surrounding areas that utilize MMSC.