Smith campaigns locally, statewide for Democrats

Rep. Mark Smith, D-Marshalltown, said he is balancing his duties as Iowa House minority leader and work on his local campaign heading into the Nov. 4 election.

Smith, who is seeking his eighth term in the Iowa House this fall, also is traveling the state throughout the summer to support campaigns of other Democratic candidates, which is one his duties as minority leader. Smith was named leader of the House Democrats last August.

“I’m doing both canvassing locally and meeting voters and traveling around the state,” Smith said. “I’m getting to know people around the state and able to promote Marshall County.”

The Republicans currently have a 53-47 advantage of members in the Iowa House. Smith would like to see the Democrats take over the majority.

“I think we have a good possibility of doing that,” he said.

If Democrats do take the majority, it could lead Smith to take over as Speaker of the House. He said he would be the first Speaker of the House ever from Marshall County.

“I would be honored to take that role,” Smith said.

Smith said he still stays involved in local politics and tries to shed a good light on our area on his travels throughout the state.

“Being in a leadership role I’m able to draw attention to Marshalltown,” Smith said.

Smith is running against Republican Jane Jech, who he has defeated twice in the Iowa House race in the past.