Ruff resigns from MMSC Foundation

Val Ruff has resigned as the executive director of the Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center Foundation. Her last day on the job was last week. Ruff, 52, spent seven years leading the foundation.

“I just resigned for personal reasons,” Ruff said.

She did not want to comment further about why she resigned and said she is pursuing other opportunities in the area professionally.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the community and I enjoyed the opportunity,” Ruff said. “I have a lot of respect for the community.”

Kevin Hitchins, past president of the foundation board, declined to comment on the resignation or what contributions Ruff has made to the foundation.

Current Foundation President Mary Wertzberger did not return a call for comment. The foundation board will conduct the search for the next executive director.

“It has begun,” Hitchins said.

The MMSC Foundation is a non-profit corporation that helps provide relationships and financial resources to support the hospital.