Don’t miss out on community theatre

In the Sunday T-R, the new editor gives kudos to Marshalltown. One treasure chest he did not mention is the Marshalltown Community Theatre. Sadly, too few Marshall County residents open this chest, and right now a real gem lies inside: the play “BARK.”

The play’s content is delightful – the characters are all dogs, who, of course, speak, sing AND dance – and they do it all well. The directing, acting, vocalizing, music and setting of this play are excellent, and the play is fun.

So if you’re looking for economical entertainment (tickets are only $10) and want to know what dogs think and feel (you’ll probably see and hear your own dog in this play), open this treasure chest and take out this gem. Go see and enjoy “BARK” at the Martha Ellen Tye Playhouse in the Marshalltown Community Center on Friday or Saturday, Aug. 1-2, at 7:30 p.m.