Pray for peace in the Middle East

The people of Gaza are now without power, water and sewage treatment. Their only power plant was destroyed. Doctors tending to the injured and dying now have limited resources to help those persons in need. Gaza has become a death camp, a concentration camp and a killing field. The people of Gaza have truly become vermin in the eyes of Israel! What will it take for us Americans to wake up to what is happening there? Israel informs the media that Hamas has stored ammunition in their hospitals, mosques, schools, United Nation shelters and in the civilian homes. We should challenge and question Israel for those remarks. Why would Hamas do that? They have all kinds of tunnels to hide their ammunition. Israel does not want to be accused of war crimes, I am thinking. Amira Haas, a Jewish journalist, refers to what is happening to the people of Gaza as the end of Jewish ethics. It is also the end of Christian Zionist ethics. Norman Finkelstein, an American Jewish leader dealing with peace and justice issues for Israel, was not afraid to be arrested two days ago because he did not agree of Israel and its overkill of Palestinian people, And I am sad that Israeli soldiers are dying in this conflict, too.

The Security Council of the United Nations met a few days ago and 29 nations agreed that Israel has committed war crimes against Gaza. There were 17 nations that abstained in that vote and the United States was the only nation to say “No!” about war crimes by Israel.

Do Americans know there are 200,000 Palestinian Christians living in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel?

My position has always been that of non-violence. I respect international law. Does Israel have the moral right to build settlements on Palestinian land?

My tax dollars of $10 million every day should not go to Israel when they lack moral concern in the loss of lives to so many civilians and many of them are children. I am also morally concerned about Hamas and their killings of Israeli soldiers. Not all of the Palestinians are Hamas killers. It is time to collect our cool and pray for an end to this terrible war. God have mercy on us who are living!