City, county to purchase essential tools

The city of Marshalltown and Marshall County will purchase a tool that can save a life.

The city and county will split the cost to upgrade the Jaws of Life rescue tools. These tools include a steel set of cutters used to cut cars open to rescue the victims trapped inside and a power unit.

The Jaws of Life tools is stored at the Marshalltown Fire Department.

Scott Johnson, acting fire chief, said the tools were used 54 times last year. “When we buy this we go about eight or 10 years in between and this is equipment that has to work,” Johnson said. “It’s time for us to upgrade.”

Total cost for the new set of rescue tools is $17,118. The city and county will evenly split the cost – $8,559 each.

“It’s definitely used all over the county,” said Kim Elder, director of Marshall County Emergency Management. “It’s definitely a good thing to have.”