HEART holds Pet Adoption Expo

HEART (Hardin Eldora Animal Rescue Team) set up camp Friday at the Lost and Finned Pet Shop and Grooming parking hoping to find forever homes for some needy cats and dogs at the organization’s pet adoption expo.

They brought seven cats and three dogs the event but back at rescue headquarters at any one time they could have 30-35 cats and roughly 15 dogs.

“There’s a lot more than what you see here today,” said Amy Gray, in charge of the adoption expo.

All the animals at the expo where rescues.

The animals’ stories range from being trapped in an abandoned house for three days with a full litter of kittens to being boarded indoors after their owners went to jail.

“Lizzy, another stray we have, is deaf and was found wandering the country,” Gray said. “We try to stay within the state but work with a lot of animal control units and try to help owners when we can, but it’s mostly strays.”

There was even a litter of 8-week old kittens at the expo.

All animals are spayed and neutered before being released to their new owners.