Realizing a brighter future

I recently had the privilege to attend the opening of the new Democratic headquarters at 127 E. Main in Marshalltown. Candidates Mark Smith (House Dist 71), Brad Anderson (Secretary of State), and Ben Westphal (House Dist 72) were present. I was most impressed by the positive attitudes, work ethics and bipartisan spirit. They get to know people, listen and incorporate their feedback into making the government of Iowa work for the people.

Anderson addressed the issue of voter fraud/registration. He proposed a system that would catch any mistakes in the voting process, rather than spending $25 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned monies to investigate alleged voter fraud, which resulted in only seven cases being filed. Brad’s top priority is to make Iowa No. 1 in voter turnout.

Smith has demonstrated his leadership abilities, by working together to effect positive changes. Mark cited two top priorities as coming together to establish a world-class education for our children, and continuing efforts for quality economic development so that we have excellent jobs for our working people.

Westphal was most enthusiastic and committed to working together to make Iowa the best it can be. He listed quality high-paying jobs and a world-class education as top priorities.

All encouraged people to get to know their candidates and to contact them with their concerns. The only way that we can realize a brighter future is to work together.