Sport history shared at Noon Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club of Marshalltown “Noon” held its weekly luncheon meeting on July 29 at the American Legion Hall, 1301 S. 6th St. President Linda Dodd Smith called the meeting to order. Gene Neven read the news and weather. An invocation was led by Linda Smith. Happy Dollars was donated by Harold Cline, Deb Ewoldt, Laurel Phipps, Ken Smith and Linda Dodd Smith.

Neven introduced Don Lamb a retired Marshalltown coach/referee of various grades and sports. Lamb first spoke about the Marshalltown Roundhouse renovation and fundraising projects. After starting to play basketball in the 1940s, Lamb became interested in the history of the game. Basketball was started in 1896 to offer athletes a sport that could be played indoors and that was not as rough as football. The early baskets were usually hung on a balcony and had closed bottoms and no bank board. When someone scored, the ball was removed from the basket by using a ladder, a stick or a through hinged opening. In the early years after each score, there would be a center court jump. In the beginning boys were not allowed to watch girl’s games because it was thought to be improper even though their uniforms covered them from chin to toes. Lamb mentioned when girl’s games were changed from six-on-six to five-on-five locally, fan attendance and player participation decreased dramatically.

Donations were collected for the Under Privileged Children’s Fund.

Next week the program chairman will be Deane Adams.

If any high traffic Marshalltown business would like to have a Kiwanis Gumball Machine placed in their place of business, call: 641-485-2087.

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