It’s easy to see why Diamond really shines

The woman who started Diamond in the Ruff, a local animal shelter named after her dog, shares the story about why Diamond, her dog, sparkles.

Diamond is a 3-year-old bulldog and pitbull breed mix, rescued by Amanda and Tyson Akers, of State Center.

The Akers first saw Diamond when a photo of her at a high-kill shelter in Louisiana surfaced on the internet.

“Diamond looked like puppies had just been taken away from her,” Akers said. “Half of her paw pad was ripped off, she still had milk in her, you could see her ribs, her nails were long, they literally did no care for her. I don’t know what it was, I saw her picture and fell in love with her.”

Amanda showed Tyson the photo and said she had to save her.

After speaking with Hearts for Paws, the group that posted the photo, Amanda found out a woman who runs a kennel nearby the kill shelter came and took all the dogs before they could be euthanized. She contacted her immediately.

By mid-March the Tysons picked her up.

“She had a rough life,” Amanda said. “They used her for breeding and when they were done with her they dumped her.”

Since being adopted, Diamond is spoiled rotten, Amanda said. Amanda wants to get Diamond certified as a therapy dog.

“She has that personality for it,” Amanda said. “She’s really laid back, but loves to play when it’s time.”

Amanda would like to take Diamond to nursing homes or schools for kids that are shy or have depression.

The first week Amanda had Diamond she took her to a neighbor’s house. The neighbor had little kids who didn’t like dogs.

“The kids warmed right up to her,” Amanda said. “She just sat there and looked at them. They just pet her. She has a way of making you feel comfortable once you are around her. It’s crazy that a dog can go through all of that and almost die and be a therapy dog.”