Clippings continue to cover streets

Grass clippings continue to collect alongside of city streets.

Steve Simons, the city’s sewer superintendent, said there has been very little change after the city asked residents of Marshalltown to stop blowing grass clippings in the streets while mowing.

“They’re still doing it,” he said. “It’s about the same as it’s been before. I stop and talk to them and they go, ‘oh OK’ and move on.”

But it isn’t just some city residents who leave their grass clippings on city streets.

Some T-R readers pointed out that others, including those who mow city properties, have left their clippings as well.

The city contracts with mowers to cut city lawns and some have deposited those clippings on Marshalltown’s roadways.

The contractors should be aware of the rule, however, they do it on occasion, conceded Terry Gray, the city’s parks and recreation director.

“We have talked to our contractors about that,” she said. “We have to remind them they can’t do that.”

When grass goes into the streets on the curb line it then goes in the storm sewer, sits and will decay to degrade water quality, Simons said.

It also blinds the storm intake in the grates and can cause flooding.

There is a code of ordinance, section 20-392, against depositing clippings into city streets, Simons said.

“Nobody thinks about it,” he said. “It’s a never-ending battle.”

Simons said he is happy to discuss the issue with anyone.

“I want people to contact me about it,” he said. “I’ll be glad to talk to anybody.

Simons can be contacted at 754-5749.