Care needs to be accessible locally

As one who made the 80-mile round trip to Ames for radiation therapy 37 times in 2013, I was happy to write a letter of support for the efforts of MMSC to bring the service to Marshalltown. The staff at the Bliss Radiation Center in Ames is very professional, compassionate and efficient. However, as the daily trips and treatments progressed and the radiation did its work on the cancer cells, it also sapped my energy for the long drive. A local center for radiation therapy would be a great benefit for everyone in need of this treatment.

But in my letter I did specify that my support is contingent upon the radiation therapy center being located at the current address, 3 South 4th Ave. MMSC desires to offer us the opportunity to receive this vital service in our own community. It is important that it be truly accessible to the general population.

Letters of support should be mailed to MmSC, 3 South 4th Ave., Marshalltown, Iowa 50158.